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What To Expect

If you are thinking about joining us you will naturally be curious as to what sessions with My Town Choir are like.

My Town Choir is a fun and relaxed choir experience where we want to get people singing and making music together quickly. With no pressure, we help improve our singing skills in an enjoyable and sociable environment with the many benefits that singing together in a group brings.

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Look Like

So, what does a session look like?

  • On arrival at a taster session you are greeted and introduced to some other choir members.

  • If you are unsure as to whether you are a higher or lower voice, Jo will have a chat and suggest the best place to start.

  • We begin each session with a warm up which includes gentle stretches and vocal exercises to help everyone prepare for singing.

  • We will give you the words and music for the pieces that you will be singing. You just need a pencil.

  • We always include pieces that are easy to pick up as well as those that we work on in more detail throughout the term.

  • There is a short break in the middle of the session for a rest (and another chat).

  • At the end we like to finish with something upbeat that you will be whistling on the way home!

What Our Members Say

"Coming to choir is one of the highlights of my week - I come out of our Friday sessions feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to enjoy the weekend!"    

Kate R

"I joined My Town Choir knowing I couldn’t sing a note but I wanted the social aspect. Three years later, I can sing in tune and made some wonderful friends, very worthwhile joining."

Les G

"such an uplifting way to spend  a couple of hours - magic!"

Sue W

"It’s amazing what you can do even when you think you can’t - everyone supports you and there is so much help!

Sue F

“I can’t wait for Friday evening singing is the best at the end of a hard week...... the choir is full of fun and there is a real community spirit”

Chris B

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