Image by Elijah O'Donnell
Christmas Video


Sing-a-long Tracks
How-To Video Guide

Please watch the video below to remind yourself of the important things to remember when making your recording. This is for our He Aint Heavy project but the concepts are the same. Remember, you can have more fun this time!!

Please submit your recordings by Friday 20th November so that we have time to put it all together before Christmas.

Upload Page

My Town Choir

If you are a member of My Town Choir (either Chesham or Watford) please click HERE

Once you have recorded your piece you will need to upload it so that we can add it to the final project.

There are different pages to do this on depending on which choir you are in. 

The procedure to upload the video is very simple and can be found by watching the "How-to" video guide above.

Once you have uploaded your video PLEASE EMAIL US by clicking

Alternatively, you can send the video directly to Bob via WhatsApp, the number is 07720 429951

If you would like to discuss a different way of submitting your video or have any questions please also use the email link above to get in touch.