Reminder Of Video Session Details & Payments

Hi All,

We hope that you are keeping well and have been able to access our regular Friday online sessions.

If you haven't tried to join us or have but failed, please do give it a go and drop me an email if you are having issues.

We have received a number of similar questions about when sessions are being held and about payments for them so we thought that we would re-post the following from our email back in mid-March:-

Our usual sessions together at St Mary's church cost £7.50 and we have had to put a lot of thought into how to deliver online sessions whilst we cannot meet in person and also how to charge for this service. We have decided not to charge as much for this as for a standard two hour session and we know all too well ourselves how the current situation is affecting some people financially. Therefore we have come up with the following:-

  • We are asking for you, if you can to make a £3 payment per session that you watch, either live or later on via the video library.

  • We are keen to make the sessions accessible to everyone, whether you can afford to pay or not.  

  • If you are experiencing financial hardship at the minute, there is no need to make any payments and you will not have to inform us or justify yourself.

  • Payments can ONLY be made at the online shop HERE they are available in blocks of 1, 2, 3 or 5 depending on how often you would like to pay.

  • These sessions are NOT part of your prepaid packages that you may have already paid for, these are being kept safe for you ready to pick up again when we return to normality.

We are aiming to run these sessions every week, including throughout the Easter holidays. Although Jo has decided that she needs a break at half-term so we will NOT meet on the 29th May.


Bob & Jo.

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