Pop-Up Choir

This Saturday we are planning on holding an open choir session for all the singing groups that Jo leads plus friends and family. We are calling it Pop-Up Choir and although we are publishing details on the MTC website, it is a separate entity so there is no requirement for you to join, you won't miss anything that MTC are working on. On the other hand, it should be a fun session and there will be lots of other people joining in.

We will be running this session on Zoom so you will be able to see everyone around the country who is joining us but your mics will be muted so nobody will be able to hear you. Jo might un-mute us every now and again so that we can all say hi!

Please do invite your friends if you think that they would be interested too.

For timings and details please see - https://www.mytownchoir.co.uk/pop-up-choir

Facebook Event - HERE

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