Africa - Singalong & Working Tracks

Jo has been busy recording lots of tracks to help you learn Africa. They have been posted on the Virtual Choir Recorder App and also the website.

Don't forget that if you are using the App it is better to practise by clicking on "New Recording" as this allows you to pause, fast forward and re-wind. You don't have to make a recording every time!

There are two types of track for each voice. Firstly are the "Singalong" tracks which you are used to which now have Jo's voice rather than the odd bassoon sound. There is also a "Working Track" for each voice type. These have Jo working through the piece with you at a slower pace and explaining what is coming next.

Finally I have mixed all three of Jo's singalong tracks together to give you an idea of how all the harmonies and parts work together to produce the final track.

Happy practicing!


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